Mercan Fishing Line gives service to amateur and professional anglers since 1995. With its qualified monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid lines and special Kortec serial which is composed of specific techniques according to types of fresh water fishes, Mercan tries to fulfill every kind of expectations of anglers for every kind of fish.

Mercan has a strict quality control system and check the quality of its products in each manufacturing process. Main understanding and principles of our firm are pricing the manufactured products according to market conditions, providing the best service, maintaining the constant growth and keep acting as a reputable institution which is in leader position within the sector and known in world markets.

Since its establishment Mercan follows technological advances closely and utilizes new innovations to give the best service to its customers. It has a wide range of customers in Turkey and Europe.

We are proud of our products, our team and our history and  aim to be a reliable partner for our current and potantial customers.

Mercan Fishing Line is a member of EFTTA and supports EFFTA Line Charter Mercan Misina. 



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